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Celebrity Beauty Evolution: Rihanna

Celebrity Beauty Evolution: Rihanna

By Chloe Greenwald

When it comes to what’s trending in the beauty world, we turn to our favorite bad gal for inspiration. This singer, songwriter, and fashion mogul keeps us on our feet by serving new looks time and again, each better than the last. Here are a few standout beauty looks throughout the years that prove it’s Rihanna’s world and we’re all just living in it.


Sleek, Dark, and Sassy 

Back in 2007, a young RiRi debuted an asymmetrical choppy bob, which went on to become one of the hottest styles that year.


Sun Kissed Skin and Fiery Locks 

In November 2010, Rihanna put a modern twist on a pin-up styled up do with red-hot tresses and a chiffon headscarf. Her sun kissed tan combined with the red hair gave the ultimate radiant look.


Side-Shaved Chic

Though the black hair returned in 2012, she shocked fans with a half-shaven look. She balanced her sleek ebony hair with a soft makeup look: shimmery mauve eyeshadow and a nude-pink lip.


Ombré Beauty 

Rihanna’s effortless waves at the 2014 Grammy Awards is a crowd favorite. The soft ombré curls are universally flattering and that goes double for RiRi. As for the makeup, it wouldn’t be Rihanna without a bold beauty statement and her classic red lip.


Glow Up or Go Home  

Everyone is buzzing about Rihanna’s recent makeup collection Fenty Beauty, and the queen herself wears her products beautifully. At the product launch back in September, she had her hair pulled back in a ponytail to keep focus on her shining look. She definitely went for the “no makeup” makeup look, showing off a flawless complexion and beaming highlight.

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