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5 Boots for Every Fall Outfit

5 Boots for Every Fall Outfit

By: Jessica Pirro

Fall means the holiday season is fast approaching, but what does every fall outfit need? A great pair of boots! Here are five of my favorite styles and how to wear them.

Riding Boots


Riding boots are one of my favorite styles. They can be paired with every fall outfit you can think of. This style tends to be a bit pricey, but many stores sell cheaper versions that are still great quality. Some of the best pairs of riding boots I’ve found are from Target (like this pair). You can even get this boot in different colors to go with every outfit!

Duck Boots


Duck boots are a great option for staying warm. These boots can be a little expensive too, but lucky for us that places like Nordstrom Rack and TJMax exist! You can find Sperry duck boots for $80 right here. I love this type of boot with a comfy sweater, fuzzy vest, and tall socks that peep out from the top of your boot.

Combat Boots


One of my favorite things about combat boots is that you can change the way you wear them. You can wear them the way they’re shown in this picture, folded down with a cute pattern adding to your outfit, or you can lace them up for an edgier look. Pairing this type of boot with leggings and an oversized shirt is timeless. This pair is great because the pattern has colors that are easy to pair with every outfit.



I have a couple different pairs of booties, both from Target and both amazing. Booties look great with rolled jeans but aren’t the right shoe for leggings (as opposed to some of the other boots I’ve included). These Target booties are super comfortable and come in multiple colors for whatever look you’re trying to pair them with.

Peep-Toe/Heel Booties


Last but not least, it’s great to have a dressier pair of boots to wear with dresses and skirts. This fall, there are tons of booties with peep-toed heels that are so cute. I love the way they look paired with a long sleeved dress and chunky sweater. It’s the perfect accent to a girly outfit. You can get this pair for a really great price and start wearing them with all of your fall dresses!

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