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4 Fashion Bloggers Who are #Couplegoals

4 Fashion Bloggers Who are #Couplegoals


By Vivien Lee

With fashion bloggers’ intense schedules consisting of attending runway shows and blogging through their various social media channels, it’s obvious we admire their luxurious lives. However, not only can we envy their career, but their relationships too. In light of Valentine’s Day here are some of my favorite fashion bloggers who show that romance is the backbone of who they are now. Get ready to swoon over the #couplegoals of every blogger’s relationship below! Happy Valentine’s Day!



1. Jess Conte and Gabriel

A Christian love story that is centered around God is seen with Jess and Gabriel Conte.  Immediately starting their relationship off as an LDR, Jess being in Australia and Gabriel in California, these two give hope to all the LDR couples out there that with love you can endure any trials. Between getting married in their early twenties and Jess leaving Australia to live with Gabriel in the US, these two have the sweet love story that you would hear from your grandparents who met while young and have been in love for years. Maybe age is really just a number!



2. Aimee Song and Jacopo Moschin

With 4.7 million followers on Instagram, fashion blogger Aimee Song and her professional photographer bae Jacopo Moschin show the adoration of love that they have for each other, in spite of being an LDR couple. Whether Aimee visits Jacopo in New York or Jacopo visits Aimee in Los Angeles, these two are glued to the hip. Always tagging along with his girlfriend to photo shoots or events, Jacopo even follows Aimee to the next avocado toast sensation that she’s found. Who doesn’t want a boyfriend that showers you with kisses while you’re stuffing your face with food PLUS willingly takes high-quality Instagram pictures of you?



3. Negin Mirsalehi  and Maurtis Stibbe


Not only did Negin Mirsalehi and Maurtis Stibbe actually win the #couplegoals award from Revolve last year, but they show the true meaning of being a couple and supporting one another’s dreams, while still maintaining that young love feeling. Negin wrote on an Instagram post, “we’ve been together for 11 years. 7 years before I decided to start blogging. It all became surreal when we were able to travel to so many beautiful places together. What I’m most proud of is the fact that we’ve been able to balance our work-life relationship and when we walk outside people think we’re on our second date.”  A true love story that clearly shows that the honeymoon stage can last forever.



4. Chriselle Lim and Allen Chen


Chriselle Lim and her husband demonstrate the classic college sweethearts who achieved that happily ever after. Chriselle met Allen when she was a student at FIDM and their love story began, birthing a supportive and loyal team. Always on the move to Paris Fashion Week or to Milan for a runway show, Chriselle mentions how numerous people ask her how she’s able to balance everything. With one word she answers, “Allen.” While she’s away, Allen acts as mom and dad to their two-year-old daughter. He makes time to fly out to spend QT with Chriselle at her designated area, even if it’s for a day. These two show what it takes to be husband and wife, parents and best friends despite their busy schedules and time apart. #Familygoals.

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