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10 Celebs Who Killed the Costume Game This Halloween

10 Celebs Who Killed the Costume Game This Halloween

By Anna Curtis

Though it’s been a few weeks, we’re still obsessing over our favorite stars’ iconic Halloween costumes. When it comes to the scariest holiday of the year, there are two types of people: those who carefully plan each and every aspect of their costumes, and those who couldn’t care less. Regardless of what kind of person you are, we can all agree that we all look forward to seeing what our beloved celebs are wearing. Halloween is a time to pull out all the stops, and this year, our favorite celebrities did not disappoint.

Kim Kardashian 

Always one to go the extra mile when it comes to her style, we would expect nothing less from Kim K come Halloween time. Kardashian stunned in a custom-made Alexandrine outfit a few days before Halloween, making her a dead ringer for legendary singer Cher. Her good friend Jonathan Cheban played the Sonny to her Cher, and the duo emulated the iconic couple at the Casamigos ’70s-themed Halloween bash this year. Kardashian shared her love for the singer on Instagram, sharing numerous photos of her dazzling outfit. Social media couldn’t stop gushing over the outfit—Cher herself even tweeted back at her!


Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods

Who needs a couple’s costume when you can dress up with your best friend? These besties are usually spotted together all over social media, and Halloween was no exception. They brought fire and ice to the holiday, presenting us with the most fashionable devil and angel duo we’ve ever seen. Wood’s fiery red hair and devil wings contrasted perfectly with angelic Jenner’s bright, white lashes, icy makeup look, and diamond accessories. These two definitely know how to take a couple’s costume to a new level.

Demi Lovato

This proud Latina paid tribute to one of the most celebrated Hispanic singers, Selena Quintanilla, this Halloween. While other celebrities like Kim Kardashian attempted this look, Lovato’s stunning burgundy jumpsuit and bold lip were the perfect modern twist to Selena’s signature look.


Karlie Kloss

As if she could ever look anything short of amazing, Karlie Kloss showed a crazy resemblance to one of America’s most classic actresses and cultural icons, Marilyn Monroe, on Halloween night. The billowy white dress and decade-accurate hairstyle would’ve been enough, but her plump red lips and detailed black eyeliner brought her costume to life, and she looked every bit the part of the old Hollywood actress. 


Ariel Winter

This girl isn’t afraid to show off her killer body, so it wasn’t a surprise that Ariel Winter showed some skin this Halloween, wearing fishnet stockings, a body suit, and thigh high boots to complete her skeleton ensemble. A face full of playful makeup and stuffed animal accessory bag completed the look, and made the stereotypical skeleton so much sexier.


Zoë Kravitz

Actress Zoë Kravitz perfectly portrayed the unhinged Marla Singer, first portrayed by the quirky Helena Bonham Carter, from the popular action drama Fight Club. She posted a themed pic with boyfriend Karl Glusman, who played co-star Brad Pitt as Tyler Durden. The cigarette, fur coat, and crazy hair matched the character’s quirks to a T.


Shay Mitchell

The Pretty Little Liars star took the classic corpse bride costume a step darker this year, but still rocked a super edgy look. Exaggerated eyeliner, haunting white contacts, and realistic wound make-up made her bride both scary and sexy. She uploaded a tutorial to YouTube to show her fans how she created this look and surprised us all by using beets as lipstick. 


Ariana Grande and Mac Miller

This duo immortalized one of comedy’s epic partners in crime, Will Ferrell’s Mugatu and his evil sidekick Katinka from the hilarious Zoolander movie. Taking the comedy to social media, the pair spent the night rocking these super stylish looks while posting funny videos on Instagram, referencing some of the movie’s greatest lines.

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