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5 Last-Minute Fun Halloween Makeup Ideas

5 Last-Minute Fun Halloween Makeup Ideas

By Tiffany Huang

Halloween is tomorrow and you have zero ideas for a costume. Not to mention, you don’t have a spare moment (or the extra cash) to grab something cute at Party City. So why not skip the basic cat ears this year and simply dig into your makeup bag to create a cool Halloween look? We scoured YouTube for these fun yet doable makeup-only tutorials that won’t disappoint.

Pop Art Comic

Courtesy of Buzzfeed Video

If you like comic books, this is the Halloween look for you. This pop art tutorial requires only two pencil eyeliners: black and white, plus your favorite lip color. Trace the edges of your face with the black and then fill the space with white dots. Outline your lips with black eyeliner and add a speck of white on top of lips to complete the look.


It‘s Pennywise

Inspired by Stephen King’s It and its recent blockbuster movie adaption, this easy clown look will surely turn heads. Pennywise is everyone’s favorite nightmare, so scare your friends by following this simple tutorial. Start off with some white face paint and use bright reds to mimic the features on Pennywise’s face.


Harley Quinn 

Courtesy of Christen Dominique

Every girl has a little Harley Quinn in her. So why not channel your inner badass with this fun look? Mismatch your makeup with red and blue eyeshadows. To complete the look, draw a tiny black star on your cheek and top it off with a bold red lip.


Snapchat’s Dog Filter 

Courtesy of Sarocha B

Admit it, you’ve sent a few snaps here and there using this filter. To bring the adorable dog filter to life, simply darken the area around the nose and dot in some freckles. To complete the costume, all you need to do is DIY your own dog ears.

Wonder Woman 

Courtesy of Nataliebeautyyy

Be your own superhero and try this sexy Wonder Woman makeup look this Halloween. With defined brows and a fearless red lip, recreating this bold look is actually super easy. Don’t have her signature crown? Just paint your own gold tiara!

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