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How to Actually Make Florals “Groundbreaking”

How to Actually Make Florals “Groundbreaking”

By: Jessica Pirro


Obviously, everyone’s favorite scene from The Devil Wears Prada is when Miranda shuts down the idea of florals for their spring magazine spread.

But each spring, florals become a statement in most outfits. I love trading my heavy sweaters for a floral blouse when warm weather arrives. But instead of falling into the same looks this season, I found a few ways to actually make florals “groundbreaking” in my spring outfits.

Floral Heels


These floral heels are on my spring must have list. I can already picture the multitude of dresses and rolled jeans that I would wear them with. They’re such a cute way to add a little pattern to your outfit!

Floral Bralette


Having a floral bralette peek out of the side of your tank is a really subtle way to add this classic spring pattern into any outfit!

Embroidered Denim

Miss Pap
















Finally, sneak some floral embroidery onto your denim. You can’t beat such a versatile piece. You can easily dress them up with a blouse and heels or dress them down with a tee and sneakers.


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