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5 Coats to Beat the Cold

5 Coats to Beat the Cold

By Sunny Balkin

Let’s face it, Syracuse winters are rough. And there’s no way around it. It’s freezing, plus the dark weather is starting to affect your mood, too. However, there’s something that almost makes it worthwhile: coat shopping. Whether thin or thick, or fleecy or fluffy, coats are your best friend during the next few snowy months. Check out our top outerwear picks for looking and feeling good while trudging to class this winter.


The Coat You Won’t Want To Take Off

Choies Faux Shearling Coat ($34)

If you don’t like sherpa coats, you’re missing out. You can find girls, guys, and even dogs wearing these on campuses everywhere—they’re the perfect jackets to throw on for class on a lazy morning. This adorable one from Choies will keep you nice and toasty in and out of the house all season long.


The Coat To Brighten Up A Gloomy Day

ASOS New Look Dark Yellow Overcoat ($56)

Winter can get really depressing. Yes, there’s hot chocolate and ice skating, but those are just little slivers of light in what’s otherwise a cold and somber world. Luckily, we have an easy fix—a beautiful bright colored coat. This mustard one from ASOS reminds us that even though we haven’t seen the sun in months, you can still rock a sunny color.


The Sporty Coat

Tommy Jeans ‘90s Reversible Bomber Jacket ($229)

Why choose just one coat when you can have two? Reversible clothing is the answer to all your troubles. Not only will this coat keep you warm for the brutal winter ahead, but flip it inside out and you’re ready to celebrate a ‘Cuse win in any weather (just don’t leave it behind at frat house).


The Classic Coat

Zara Quilted Jacket with Textured Hood ($40)

This quilted coat is a true classic—it has a basic fur rim hood, some puffiness, and chic metal detail throughout to add a little spark. Like the perfect ration of marshmallows to cocoa in your hot chocolate, this jacket is just right.

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