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Return of the 2000s Classics

Return of the 2000s Classics

By: Emily North


Fashion of the early 2000s has been deemed one of the “cringeist” times in fashion history. Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie were the two of the top style influencers clad in Juicy track suits, trucker hats, and gaudy graphic t-shirts. It was a beautiful time for style.

Recently, there has been a significant emergence of early 2000s trends on the runway and in stores. Vetements released a line of couture Juicy tracksuits and naturally, Urban Outfitters followed suit, releasing a more reasonable price for the masses. Urban Outfitters is typically on the cusp of emerging trends forecasting what styles are going to be shown within the next seasons. The Juicy collection** has a so-bad-it’s-good feeling, which can make even the most cynical person nostalgic for the days of AIM accounts and Razor cell phones.

Urban Outfitters Juicy Couture Color Block Zip-Up Jacket, $149.00

In addition to tracksuits, tinted sunglasses are coming back for spring in a big way. Everyone from Kendall Jenner to Selena Gomez has been seen wearing these light tinted glasses that were once a staple in Lizzie McGuire’s wardrobe.  

Spring of 2016 was dominated by a 1990s revival in fashion- chokers, slip dresses, and fishnets galore. Naturally, the best trend for 2017 is the following decade. The question remains how this unique set of trends is going to translate into 2017’s aesthetic.  

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