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BY Annika Hoiem


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What are you wearing?

“My vest is from Forever 21. The choker necklace is from Amazon. The gold necklace is from Nordstrom and the two other necklaces are from Forever 21.  My t-shirt is from Urban Outfitters; it’s actually from the men’s section. My dress is Monteau. My cap is from Shop Jeen. My shoes are Docs.”


Where do you find inspiration for your looks?

“I think I really like more retro looks, like sixties and that kind of stuff.  I also really like Asian fashion, so I follow a lot of Korean and Japanese Instagrams.”


What goes through your mind when you pick out an outfit?

“I usually pick out one thing that I really want to wear and then build everything around it. This is when I’m trying by the way. I think the rest of the days I wake up fifteen minutes before class starts and I just run. Today I wanted to layer something over this dress and I like this t-shirt so I wore it.”


How do you think your style reflects your personality?

“I don’t like black and white. I just think that’s really boring. I’m not a fan of monochrome. Personally, I get really irritated when I see people wearing the same thing. I don’t know how this pertains to my personality. I think I’m influenced a lot by California, I’d say. I don’t think I’m like an excessively cool person though; that’s not what I’m trying to say. I really like ramen and hot Cheetos.”


*Points to her hat which says ‘F***boy Repellent’*

“This is my favorite cap.”


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